With many years of specialization in construction, at andm we were able to complete any project assigned to us. We have created the appropriate network of partners so that we can guarantee the successful completion of the projects we undertake.


In modern times, it has become a complex process that requires excellent knowledge of regulations, techniques and materials.

Guided by science

Our specialized staff can seamlessly perform the application studies in order to achieve the optimal result at the ideal price.

All the way

implementation of the project, we take care of the correct communication and information of all involved.

From the first assessment

costs until the writing of the obligations and the final offer we act so that the developer has at his disposal all the technical details, the cost analysis and the details of the project schedule.

The creation

for andm is first and foremost a joy and we are proud of every project we have completed.

21 Millerou Str. 10436, Athens