Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design - Energy Upgrade

With scientists aware of the problems posed by human activity on the planet and trained in environmentally friendly design we are able to design and implement your needs without adverse effects on the environment.

Today more than ever, we face the threat of climate change on the planet. Combustion of fossil fuels in combination with human activities (deforestation, animal husbandry, agriculture, etc.) adds huge amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere resulting in global warming at an unprecedented rate.

The European building sector is responsible for consuming 40% of the total final energy in the European Union and for 36% of carbon dioxide emissions. 35% of European Union buildings are older than 50 years and 75% of them are considered energy inefficient. In our country we are slightly worse than the European average as 42% of the total final energy is related to buildings of which 79.1% concerns housing. Also, 83.82% of the buildings that have been constructed before 1980 in our country (year of application of the building insulation regulation) are considered energy inefficient (category H).

According to article 9 of law 4122/2013, from 1/1/2021, all new buildings in our country must be buildings of almost zero energy consumption (KSMKE), while for buildings that house public services and the wider public sector, this obligation has entered into force on 1/1/2019.


The National Plan for Energy and Climate (ESEK) envisages the renovation of at least 600,000 homes by 2030. Achieving this goal will significantly contribute to the radical upgrade of the country's aging building stock, already with the Home I programs, Saving at Home II (A and B Cycle) and the program "Saving Autonomously" of the programming periods 2007-2013, 2014–2020, energy interventions were implemented in more than 140,000 houses / buildings. The goal of the Ministry of Environment and Energy is to continue to announce "Save" programs every year, throughout the programming period 2021-2027.

In addition to the "ΕΧΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟ", programs related to housing, a number of programs related to public buildings and business-owned buildings have been announced and are being prepared to be announced in the future. Such programs are "Electra" which started in 2019 with a horizon of completion in 2025 and concerns the energy upgrade of public buildings as well as the small business subsidy program for energy upgrading and energy saving actions of the Municipality of Athens announced in May 2021.

Andm has in its portfolio a number of energy upgrading projects, participating in almost all subsidy programs announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. We have undertaken the design, management and construction of buildings, carrying out the process from the drafting of the file to the certification and delivery of the project. Our concern is to deliver a building with ideal living conditions that will have minimal or zero negative impact on the environment. Sustainable building design is the future of construction activity and must be universally implemented for the sustainability of our planet, at andm we are committed to serving this purpose.

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