Expert Opinion

Andm has Engineers registered in the register of experts of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) as well as in the register of forensic experts. With experience in the whole range of the subject, we were by your side to help you solve your problem.

Within the scope of their responsibilities, the Engineers have assumed the responsibility for conducting the Technical Expertise.

Technical issues such as:

• Estimates of constructions and facilities.
• Measurements of technical works.
• Findings of defects and the assessment of the way and the cost of their restoration.
• Explanation of technical phenomena (cracks in building elements, humidity, etc.).
• Control of application of technical specifications and terms in constructions.
• Control of the implementation of the New Building Regulation (NOK).
• Determining the development stage of the project.
• Proper operation of facilities and machinery.
• Noise or pollution control from the operation of facilities is related to their subject matter and they are the ones responsible for their study / investigation.

The expert proceeds to an autopsy and any other necessary action he deems necessary for the proper execution of his duties and then prepares the necessary technical expertise report / conclusion which is a technical document that substantiates the file of the executed project.

The experts shall decide solely on the technical issues raised and shall not resolve legal issues or disputes between the opposing parties.

The Expert does not attribute responsibilities. The consequences of the expert findings and interpretations of the Expertise on the relations and faults of the parties involved are determined by themselves and the courts.

Expertise is divided into three categories.

1. Experts executed on the order of an individual.
2. Expertise performed following an application to the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).
3. Experts executed following an order of the judicial authorities in accordance with article 368 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

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