Energy Efficiency

After submitting the complete completion and the certification statement:

  • The completion of the supporting documents is checked. Errors in non-essential items are not grounds for rejection. Based on the affiliation decision, the submitted expenditure documents and payment documents of any own participation and the control of deviation from the proposed energy goal, the final eligible cost of the project and the equity required to be paid by the Beneficiary are formed (In the case of an apartment building, the The adjustment of the eligible costs per Beneficiary of the previous paragraph is made taking into account the cost ratio of communal interventions recorded in the cost sharing form.)
  • The Implementing Body, if it finds the repayment of the remaining expenses, informs the financial institution in order to pay the remaining grant and, if necessary, for the disbursement of the entire loan, for the repayment of the documented expenses (contractors / suppliers, etc...), and the payment to the Beneficiary of the amount corresponding to it for the paid documents of other expenses.
  • The financial institution disburses the total or the balance of the loan for those who have signed a loan agreement and pays the balance of the grant for the repayment of the accrued documentary expenses of contractors / suppliers / project consultant / studies that have not been repaid.
  • In the case of an apartment building application, the amounts of the above paragraph are also used to pay the cost of communal interventions, distributed to the Beneficiaries.
  • In case of payments made by the Beneficiary, ie fee of energy inspector and Electronic ID, and have not been paid, the corresponding amount is paid to the Beneficiary. For paid insurance contributions, which are borne by the Beneficiary, an amount is paid (as an impairment of the required own funds) that corresponds to the percentage of his grant, if these are eligible.

In cases where the Beneficiary a) has not complied with the approved partial or total implementation deadline or b) audits have found non-compliance with the basic conditions of participation (eligibility of residence, energy goal, etc.) or c) has submitted a statement of withdrawal by the Program or d) has transferred his right to the property before the final disbursement, the application will be led to a process of disengagement. The Implementing Body may revoke the relevant affiliation decision and inform the interested parties through the electronic application information system. In the case of an apartment building, the withdrawal of even one of the applicants, and / or the impossibility of covering the private participation by concluding a loan or payment of own funds implies the process of disengagement and revocation of the affiliation decision for all applications of the apartment building. With the revocation of the affiliation decision, the Beneficiary is required to return the benefits of the Program for which it has been used.

It is pointed out that at this stage the Implementing Agency, in addition to the supporting documents, reserves the right to carry out the necessary checks to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of the Program, based on the completeness and content of all supporting documents submitted by the Beneficiary. Errors in non-essential items are not grounds for rejection. In the event that during the above procedure it appears that the terms and conditions of the Program are not met for some applications, the Implementing Agency revokes the affiliation decision and informs through the application information system the Beneficiaries.

The Project Implementing Authority, in order to verify the accuracy of the data stated in the copies of documents submitted in printed or electronic form, conducts a sample check on at least five percent (5%) of the copies submitted during the immediately preceding quarter, according to paragraph 2 of article 11 of L.2690 / 1999, as replaced by paragraph 2 of article 1 of L.4250 / 2014.

It is pointed out that the project is considered complete when all the interventions have been implemented (in the case of an apartment building, the interventions of all the owners as well as the communal interventions), the control of the supporting documents has been completed and the relevant costs have been reimbursed.

A relevant completion decision is issued to determine the completion of the project.

In parallel with the above, the Implementing Body may carry out on-site sampling checks to verify the correct implementation of the implementation of the physical and financial object. Within the framework of the audits, it cooperates with the Energy Inspection Departments of Northern and Southern Greece, which, within the framework of their responsibilities, carry out audits to certify the correct execution of the energy inspections concerning the projects of the Beneficiaries of the Program. In the context of the above audits, the Information System of the Program is informed by the buildingcert about the revocations of the PEAs that have been issued within the framework of the program.

The Energy Inspection Departments of Northern and Southern Greece organize and carry out systematic audits in the process of issuing PEAs related to inclusion applications and carry out sampling audits, where required.

In the event that the audits result in non-completion of the project, non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the program during the implementation or deviation between physical and financial object, the provisions of the sub-section "Consequences" apply.


The payment of the balance of the grant and / or the loan is completed within a period of sixty (60) days from the successful verification of the certification statement for the completion of the project.

The above amounts are disbursed to the special bank account of the beneficiary and are unsecured (including any loan advance), in compliance with Article 22 of Regulation (EU) 241/2021. These amounts are reserved for the payment of suppliers / contractors / etc.

Then the payments to the contractors / suppliers / etc. carried out directly by the Financial Institution, on the basis of an order / authorization registered in the information system by the Beneficiary, and in any case, not after the end of seven (7) working days from the payment of the money to him by the Implementing Agency, with the condition that there are no outstanding issues through the fault of the beneficiary (remittances to cover transactions in accounts of another bank, etc.). The contractors / suppliers declare for the disbursement of the payment the Professional Account that they have declared on the website of AADE, according to the JMC no. 2017 / 6.11.2017 (Government Gazette B '3944) and is valid.

The Beneficiary of the Program is obliged:

  • To accept the terms of his participation in the Program and the obligations arising from it, as they are reflected in this Guide and the affiliation decision.
  • To be informed at regular intervals about the progress of his application, about the actions he is required to carry out and the deadlines set by the Program, through the e-mail address he states when submitting his application to the Information System. It is pointed out that the communication of the bodies of the Program will be done only through e-mail to the address stated by the Beneficiary. Timely reading of sent e-mails is important for the successful implementation of the Beneficiary's work and is his sole responsibility.
  • To comply with the terms arising from the loan agreement with the Bank, in case he has signed a loan agreement.
  • To accept scheduled on-the-spot inspections by the competent national or union auditing bodies, after prior consultation, facilitating their work and providing any information regarding the execution of the project, if requested..
  • To maintain the project for at least five (5) years from the final disbursement of the loan and / or the grant from the "direct aid" program and not to substantially change the implemented interventions and in a way that affects the nature, the objectives or the conditions of implementation or that could lead to alteration of their implementation objectives. In case of transfer of the property after the final disbursement, the beneficiary must inform the new owner about the above obligations, which are still valid.
  • To comply, throughout the implementation of the interventions, with the applicable national and Union legislation and to ensure the required approvals and / or permits provided by it.
  • To keep and update the project file with all the data related to the execution of the interventions and other expenses until their completion and repayment. All the original supporting documents and the original documents of the project costs are kept by the Beneficiary throughout the project, but also for five (5) years from the date of final disbursement of the loan and / or the grant from the program. of "direct aid" and for rental cases for ten (10) years after the closure of the Recovery and Resilience Fund funded by the Program.
  • To make available, upon request, throughout the implementation of the project and for as long as the Beneficiary is obliged to comply with them, all documents, supporting documents and details of the project, to the Program Implementing Agency, and to all auditing bodies of Greece and the European Union.

The Beneficiaries accept electronically their above obligations, based on the content of the application statement of Annex V-A. The above acceptance is a position of Responsible Declaration of Law 1599/1986 and the finding that its content is not true or that the commitments reflected in it are not observed, in addition to the consequences provided by law (Law 1599/1986), may also lead to the revocation of the relevant affiliation decision in the part concerning the work of the Beneficiary and the return of the aid plus interest.

In the case of an apartment building, the representative of the Beneficiaries is obliged to accept the terms of his participation in the Program. In this context, the representative shall accept his / her obligations electronically based on the content of the declaration in Annex V-B.

In the event that, at any stage of the project implementation or after the completion of the project, based on audits carried out, either by the Implementing Agency or by other national or union bodies, the incorrect implementation of the project, the Implementing Agency in cooperation with the Financial Management Body takes the necessary steps to revoke / amend the affiliation decision and consequently for the financial correction and recovery of the Beneficiary's incentives (plus interest in case of state aid) or their adjustment. The decision to withdraw the affiliation is notified electronically to the Beneficiary and to the financial institution for the execution of the necessary actions. In particular, the loan agreement will no longer be governed by the terms of the Program, drawing the consequences provided in its terms (duration, interest-bearing installments, interest rate, etc.).

In case, during the implementation or even after the completion of the project, the loan agreement is terminated by the financial institution, the Financial Management Body no longer pays the interest to the financial institution, which now weighs on the Beneficiary.

The termination of the loan agreement after the completion of the project is not a reason to revoke the affiliation decision. In this case, the incentives paid up to this point of the direct aid program as well as the paid subsidized interest are not recovered.

In all cases of revocation of the Accession Decision, the Beneficiaries may exercise the objection provided in the sub-section "Objections".


A. During the Submission stage

During the application process, there is a right of intensity only against the result on the Provisional ranking tables of Eligible / Lost / Rejected applications.

The objection is submitted within ten (10) days from the notification through the information system of the rejection of the application.

B. During the Inclusion stage

From the beginning of the financial scheme process until the Admission to the Program, there is a right of tension only against the result of the Rejection of an application after an audit process.

The objection is submitted within ten (10) days from the notification through the information system of the rejection of the application.

C. During the Implementation stage

From the beginning of the Affiliation to the Program until its completion and payment (completion of physical and financial object), there is a right of intensity against the result after a process of control of the exclusion of the application, or revocation of the affiliation decision.

The objection is submitted within ten (10) days from the notification through the information system of the withdrawal of the application.

In case the need arises from the disbursement of the financial correction and obligation to repay the aid, the objection is submitted within ten (10) days from the notification of the audit result for the cases where there is no loan and thirty (30) days for the cases that A loan has been obtained and a statement issued by the financial institution is required to support the objection.

In all the above cases, the objection is submitted to the Implementing Agency exclusively by the beneficiary and only through the information system.

Finally, in cases where, following an audit, the need for financial correction and the obligation to reimburse aid arise after the completion of the Program (completion of physical and financial object), the objection is submitted in writing to the Implementing Body, within the procedure for issuing a financial correction decision. (30) days from the notification of the audit finding.

For the examination of the objections, the Implementing Body appoints a competent Committee for the Examination of Objections, maintaining the possibility to appoint additional committees for the examination of objections. The members of the objection examination committees may not participate in the evaluation of the applications.

Objections are examined both as to the lawfulness of the act in which they are directed and as to the substance of the case and are either rejected or accepted. In each case a relevant Minute is drawn up.

Decisions on objections are communicated without delay to applicants, under the supervision of the Implementing Agency, through the information system, or in writing for the case after the completion of the Program.